AnyHedgeManager# AnyHedgeManager

new AnyHedgeManager(config)

Initializes an AnyHedge Manager using the specified config options. Note that the `networkProvider` and `electrumCluster` options are mutually exclusive and the `networkProvider` takes precedence. The default network provider automatically connects and disconnects between network requests, so if you need a persistent connection, please use a custom provider.
const anyHedgeManager = new AnyHedgeManager({ authenticationToken: '<token>' });
const config =
	authenticationToken: '<token>',
	serviceDomain: 'localhost',
	servicePort: 6572,
	serviceScheme: 'http',
	networkProvider: new ElectrumNetworkProvider('mainnet')
const anyHedgeManager = new AnyHedgeManager(config);
Name Type Description
config AnyHedgeManagerConfig config object containing configuration options for the AnyHedge Manager.